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If you have any problem with your Pioneer TV set please give
us a call to schedule an in-home service call.

With over 25 years of experience in electronic equipment repair, we specialize in repair and service of Pioneer Television.

Your Pioneer TV will be handled professionally by our factory trained technicians. When performing repairs,
we use original or better quality parts.
Our automated multi user tracking system would update information throughout the repair process. If you are in need of fast turn around time please call our telephone number 818-785-8085 for express service depending on parts availability.
No repair is complete until you are completely satisfied.


     Listed below are a few of the most commonly asked questions about Pioneer Plasma TV.

     1-  My Pioneer Plasma will not turn on, what can I do?

            The 42 inch Plasma will not power on until you have performed the following:
            1. Connected the power cord to a verified working outlet.
            2. pressed the main power switch located in the lower left corner of the Plasma.
            3. Press the Stanby/On button, either using the remote of the button on the right side of the panel.
               If the unit still does not power on, please contact our Service Dept.  at 1-800-580-3376.

      2- Why does the blue power light on my Plasma blink 12 times?

            On the models listed below, Engineering has determined this to be part of the normal operation, if the unit will power on.
            If the unit does not power on, service may be required on the set. Please contact our Plasma support at 1-800-580-3376.
            Elite models:          PRO-940HD, PRO-1140HD, and PRO-1540HD
            Pioneer models:      PDP-4270HD, PDP-5070HD, and PDP-6070HD

      3- I have lost the TV Guide listings on my plasma TV. How do I get them back?
  1. Go to TV Guide.
  2. Go up to the navigation bar.
  3. Arrow left or right, to the SET UP tab.
  4. Arrow down once to highlight CHANGE SYSTEM SETTINGS. (Do not hit enter; only highlight it.)
  5. Enter code number 653274147. You will not see anything happen until you complete the code.
    Once you complete the code, the unit will perform a power cycle. When this is completed, turn the unit off.
    The TV Guide should start to repopulate within 24-48 hours.


      4- What can I do to prevent image retention or burn-in?     

Image Retention: When a static image is left frozen on a display for several hours, a faint imprint of the image, known as image retention, can remain.
This image retention may be temporary    or permanent. Although caused by different things, image retention can occur on all display technologies,
including plasma and LCD. On today's plasma displays, permanent image retention is less of a worry.
Most image retention can be improved simply by watching moving video.

Image retention, also known as burn-in, can occur in all phosphor-based display systems (including CRT television systems (both direct view and projection)
as well as plasma display systems).  Displaying the same still images for long periods should be avoided as permanent image retention or burn-in may occur.
Recommended guidelines are as follows:
Do not display static images for long periods (such as still images, fixed images from PC or TV game equipment, and/or fixed images such as time of day indicator or channel logo display).
Do not display content in the 4:3 aspect ratio (black or gray bars on left and right side of content) or letterbox content (black bars above and below content) for extended periods of time, or use either of these viewing modes repeatedly within a short period of time. This plasma display system is equipped with multiple wide-screen viewing modes; use one of these screen modes to fill the entire screen with content.
Displaying dark images after displaying still images for a period of time may cause image retention. In most cases, the image retention can be corrected by displaying bright images for a similar period of time.
If you display still images on your plasma display system for long periods of time, image retention may be irreparable.

      5- I set up the TV Guide on screen, however when I press TV Guide on I get "no listing", what can I do?

There are several reasons for the "no listing" message:

1. It is possible that the information for a particular show was not available at the last update download. TV Guide information is updated daily,
however the time to download the data can take from 1-2 days or as long as 7 days.

2. TV Guide information is only retrieved via a cable line or an antenna signal. This feature does not work with satellite TV.
If you do not receive any TV Guide listing information within 48 hours, there may be a problem with the EPG data in your area.

     6-  How do I clean my plasma TV?

When cleaning the screen or cabinet of the television or monitor, wipe it gently with a soft dry cloth (either the cloth supplied when you purchased the TV
or a similar cotton or flannel cloth). Do not use water or a hard cloth when cleaning your plasma TV. A hard cloth or rubbing too hard will cause scratches
and water droplets from a wet cloth may enter the product, resulting in malfunction.

Do not use any chemicals as they can cause damage. This includes, but is not limited to:
- benzene
- thinner
- volatile gas or fluid such as pesticide
- other chemicals or cleaners

In addition, do not make the product contact with rubber or vinyl products for a long period of time.
The effect of plasticizer in the plastic may result in quality deterioration or coating removal.





Pioneer Plasma TV Repair