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Toyota Navigation Radio CD DVD Changer Display Repair

Made by Denso, Matsushita, Fujitsu, Pioneer

We repair all models of Toyota Navigation Radio CD DVD Changer
If you do not see the model of your unit here or need repair cost please call 


Toyota Prius Multi Function Display




                  Toyota Prius
          Multi Function Display
              with Navigation 

                    2004 to 2009

Common Problems: Touch Screen no response, Black screen, Intermittent operation.

            Repair Cost: $250. to 550.

             Multi Function Display
            without Navigation    

        Repair Cost: $200. to $450. 

                   Extra repair cost if complete
               PC Board needs to be replaced.

       Removal & Installation Instruction                           Click Here 

                     Shipping Instructions






Toyota Prius
Navigation Radio
CD Changer Display

2010, 2011, 2012 

Common Problem: Does not read GPS Disc, No Display, Touch Panel Malfunction

Repair Cost: $375.  to  $650.

Extra Repair cost if complete
PC Board needs to be replaced.


Removal & Installation Instruction
click Here 




       Toyota Land Crusier 
      Navigation Display Radio CD Changer 


  2003 to 2007

        Repair Cost: $250. to $850.


      Extra Repair cost if complete
    PC Board needs to be replaced.


     Removal & Installation Instruction


Toyota Avalon Navigation 2014 T

           Toyota Avalon
      Navigation Radio CD Player
              2012 to 2015 

         Broken Touch Panel / Display
                   Repair Cost:  $550.00 

            Navigation not woroking
             Please send for an estimate 

         CD not playing, error message
                  Repair Cost: $385.00

     Removal & Installation Instruction

 Note: Please send the complete unit and  front panel without A/C Control for repair.


Part # 86100-0e211









toyota highlander 2013




Highlander 2008 to 2012




Highlander 2004 to 2007


          Toyota Highlander

       Navigation Radio CD Touch Screen
                               2014 to 2017

        Repair Cost: $450. to $1300. 


Broken Touch Panel, 
Touch Panel does not respond.
Repair Cost: $550.


Extra repair cost if complete pc board
needs to be replaced



Removal & Installation Instruction 






           Toyota Highlander 

    Navigation Radio CD Touch Screen                             2013

Repair Cost: $285. to $550.

Broken Touch Panel or Touch Panel does not respond.
Repair Cost: $325.00 





       Toyota HighLander
  Navigation Radio CD Display 


 2008 to 2012

     Repair Cost: $350. to 650.

       Extra Repair cost if complete  PC
     Board or Drive needs to be replaced







Navigation Radio Display CD 
2004  to 2007 


Removal & Installation Instruction 
Click Here 

   Note: Navigation Drive unit located under the seat

Toyot High Lander A/C Control


HighLander  A/C Control
2001 to 2007 


Common Problems: A/C temperture can't be controlled, Fan Speed, Temp setting changes by itself,

                        Repair Cost: $125.00


Extra repair cost if complete
PC Board needs to be replaced.






Toyota Venza
Navigation CD Chnager Radio

                  2009  2010  2011

Repair Cost: $350. to 650.

Extra Repair cost if complete
PC Board or Drive unit needs 
to be replaced.


Toyota Tundra 2010 to 2013 navigation



TUNDRA 2010 to 2013
SEQUOIA 2010 to 2012 



Navigation JBL 4 Disc Changer
Navigation DVD-drive is built into the the head unit.
 Satellite radio ready.
Repair Cost: $350. to $650.

Extra repair cost if complete
PC Board needs to be replaced
Navigation DVD shows error message, does not load, does not eject, does not load software
Repair Cost $550.00
CD Changer does not play, does not eject, CD gets stuck, skips, intermittent functions
Repair Cost $375.00 
Touch Panel malfunction intermittently, does not respond, calibration off,
Repair Cost: $485.00
Dark or dim screen, lines on LCD, broken screen
Repair Cost $485.00 







                               Made by Denso

                             2007  TO  2009

      Repair Cost: $350. to $650.


     Extra Repair cost if complete
   PC Board needs to be replaced.


toyota sienna navigation 20011 to 2013


               Toyota Sienna Navigation
                  AM/FM CD Player

                            20011 to 2013

                     Repair Cost: $350. to $650.

                    Extra repair cost if complete
                 PC Board needs to be replaced. 


       Removal & Installation Instruction


Toyota 4 Runner 2013 2014

      4 Runner Navigation CD Player
  2013 to 2014

Touch Panel not responding,
Broken Touch Panel,
Repair Cost: $550.00
If you have any other problem with your unit, please send it in for an estimate.


Toyota 4 Runner 2010 to 2012


4 Runner Navigation CD Player
2010 to 2012

CD Changer not playing, No eject, No Load
Repair Cost: $375.00

Touch Panel not responding, Broken Touch Panel, LCD Screen has lines, spots or dim
Repair Cost: $550.00

Navigation not working
but radio & CD works fine.
Repair cost: $550.00

If the unit does  not power up or has any other issue, please send it in for an estimate.
Extra Repair cost if complete
PC Board needs to be replaced.

Toyota Navigation





                       TUNDRA:            2004 - 2006 
SEQUOIA:           2003 - 2006
SIENNA:              2004 - 2010
4RUNNER:          2004 - 2007
HIGHLANDER:    2001 - 2007
SOLARA:           2004 - 2008
CAMRY:             2004 - 2007
Rav4 :                2001 - 2007
FJ Cruiser:         2007 - 2008



          Toyota Navigation GPS                      Radio CD Changer


Common Problems:
Blank screen, no sound, won't open, shows error messages, CD changer won't load nor eject discs,skips, play certain tracks only.
Volume drops or goes high by itself.
Half the LCD Screen fades out.

     Repair Cost: $250.00 to 650.00

       Extra Repair cost if complete
     PC Board needs to be replaced.

              Shipping Instruction  

      Note: Remove your discs from CD                                Changer prior shipping.



      Removal & Installation Video Guide
                     Toyota Sienna 




Model # for 2007 to 2009



Model # for 2010 to 2012





Toyota Camry Navigation
2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011


                     Repair Cost: $250.00 to $550.00


      Extra Repair cost if complete
      PC Board needs to be replaced.


Common Problems: No Display, won't eject, Shows error, Does not read disc.

Note: Remove your discs from CD Changer           prior shipping.

     Removal & Installation Instruction                             Click Here


Model #



Landcruiser   2000-2007
Highlaner      2000-2007
Prius            2004-2007
Camry          2004-2006 




  Toyota Navigation Repair
         Made by Denso


           Common Problems:
Disc is inside the navigation unit but display shows no disc detected, insert disc, incorrect disc, does not read disc, won't eject disc.


     Repair Cost: $250.00 to 550.00


      Extra Repair cost if complete
      PC Board needs to be replaced.


 Please ship your unit for Free Estimate

                       Shipping Instruction       

Toyota Sienna DVD Player 20006 to 2010


        Toyota Sienna Video Screen
                      DVD Player

                     2006 to 2010

Common Problems: Blank screen, wont play DVD, Wint accept disc.

                   Repair Cost: $250. to $450. 


         Toyota Sienna Video Screen
                       DVD Player

                                2004 to 2005 

 Common Problems: DVD wont play, wont load disc, DVD plyas but screen is black.

                    Repair Cost: $200. to $350.

Toyota Sienna CD Changer


          Toyota Sienna
          2004 to 2008
     In Dash CD Changer

      Repair Cost: $125. to $245.

CD Changer shows error message, wont load nor accept disc, half display is dim, when press scan switch it does not top at any FM or AM stations.



toyota Rav4 cd changer


   Rav4 2004 to 2006
   In Dash CD Changer

       Repair Cost:
   $125.00 to $245.00

Toyota Corolla cd changer 2009


   Toyota Corolla 2009
   In Dash 6CD Changer

        Repair Cost:
   $125.00 to $245.00

Toyota Camery in dash 6cd changer


  Camery 2007 to 2009
    In Dash 6CD Changer

         Repair Cost:
      $125.00 to $245.00

toyota camery


Toyota Camry 05 to 06
  In Dash 6cd Changer

       Repair cost:
  $125.00 to 245.00


   Avalon 2006 to 2008
    In Dash 6CD Changer

        Repair Cost:
   $125.00 to 245.00 

toyota avalon indash 6cd changer


    Toyota Avalon
  In Dash 6CD Changer

       Repair Cost:
  $125.00 to $245.00  



    Toyota Tacoma

     Single CD Player
      Repair Cost:
  $85.00 to $145.00 

     6 CD Changer
       Repair Cost:
   $125.00 to  $245.00 





In Dash 6CD Changer
 2005 2006 Camry

Repair Cost:
$125.00 to $ 245.00




toyota prius cd changer



        Toyota Prius  
    In Dash CD Changer

          Repair Cost: 
     $150.00 to $275.00


Removal & Installation Video

Toyota Sienna Radio Single CD
2004 to 2009

Repair Cost: $85.00 to $145.00 


toyota cd changer



Toyota ES300 CD Changer
 1997 to 2001


                 Repair Cost: $110.  to $245. 


toyota scion radio cd

            Toyota Scion Radio CD Repair

                   2003 to 2010

           Repair cost: $125.  to  $185.



Toyota Navigation Tutorial:



 1. What is Bluetooth technology?Bluetooth is a new wireless technology that enables connectivity between two or more devices (for example, cell phoneand vehicle) by utilizing a 2.4-GHz radio spectrum that has a range of 10 meters. Bluetooth allows customers to use theircompatible cell phones hands-free in the vehicle.Due to variations among service providers, handsets and technology, keep in mind that not all Bluetooth handsets willoffer the same level of functionality within Bluetooth-equipped Toyota vehicles.

2. How does Bluetooth work? (From bluetooth.com)
Bluetooth wireless technology is a short-range communications technology intended to replace the cables connectingportable and/or fixed devices while maintaining high levels of security. The key features of Bluetooth technology arerobustness, low power and low cost. The Bluetooth specification defines a uniform structure for a wide range of devicesto connect and communicate with each other.Bluetooth technology has achieved global acceptance such that any Bluetooth-enabled device, almost anywhere in theworld, can connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices in proximity. Bluetooth-enabled electronic devices connect andcommunicate wirelessly through short-range, ad hoc networks known as piconets. Each device can simultaneouslycommunicate with up to seven other devices within a single piconet. Each device can also belong to several piconetssimultaneously. Piconets are established dynamically and automatically as Bluetooth-enabled devices enter and leaveradio proximity.A fundamental Bluetooth wireless technology strength is the ability to simultaneously handle both data and voicetransmissions. This enables users to enjoy a variety of innovative solutions such as a hands-free headset for voice calls,printing and fax capabilities, and synchronizing PDA, laptop and mobile phone applications, to name a few.More general information on Bluetooth can be found at www.bluetooth.com

3. What is the range of Bluetooth?
The vehicle Bluetooth system can pick up the Bluetooth signal from the handset up to 30 feet from the vehicle. The rangeis largely dependent on which phone is being used and the battery level of the phone.

4. Can any Bluetooth handset be integrated to the Toyota DVD navigation or audio system?Because Bluetooth has a universal standard developed by a consortium of interested companies, almost all Bluetoothhandsets should have some functionality in our vehicles. However, because of the differences in the quality of thehandsets and Bluetooth chip programming, you may encounter different levels of functionality from one phone toanother.

5. Is a charging cradle available for Bluetooth phones?There is currently no charging cradle available from Toyota for Bluetooth handsets.

6. Which Toyota vehicles have Bluetooth technology?Please refer to the LetsTalk Web site for Toyota at toyota.letstalk.com for a list of Toyota vehicles that have availableBluetooth technology.

7. Is there any truth to the Internet virus rumor regarding the Toyota DVD navigation system andBluetooth wireless interface?A rumor has surfaced on the Internet indicating that a cell phone virus could be transmitted to the DVD navigationsystem in certain Toyota models through the Bluetooth wireless interface. Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., and its parentcompany, Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan, have investigated this rumor and have determined it to be withoutfoundation for the following reasons: 1) Navigation and audio systems in Toyota vehicles do utilize an embeddedoperating system (OS) and some degree of random access memory (RAM) that are used to store several types ofinformation such as recent destinations, names and attributes of saved destinations, and a telephone directory, amongother items. The operating system itself is proprietary, however, not Symbian as these reports have alleged; and 2)Although the Bluetooth interface does support the Object Push Protocol for transferring the phone book from a Bluetoothcell phone to the DVD navigation system, this is an operator-controlled event and the data cannot be exported (ortransmitted) from the navigation unit. Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., has responded promptly to all media inquiriesregarding this matter. Contrary to the original story that appeared on ZDNET, Toyota was never contacted for commentby the writer.BLU Logic®

8. What is BLU Logic?BLU Logic is an accessory device that integrates with the factory audio system to allow convenient hands-free mobilephone use. With BLU Logic, users can answer incoming calls, hear calls through the vehicle’s audio system andcommunicate through the fixed microphone provided. BLU Logic offers the ability to pair with up to seven differentphones, automatic audio routing through the vehicle’s front speakers, automatic muting of the vehicle’s audio systemwhen receiving or making a call, voice dialing for enabled phones and last number redial. Additionally, if the paired phoneoffers Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) compatibility, users may even listen to music streamed from the phonethrough the vehicle’s front speakers.

9. Which vehicles are compatible with BLU Logic?BLU Logic is compatible with most new and late-model (2008+) Toyota vehicles without JBL® audio systems. BLU Logicmay also not be compatible with some navigation-equipped vehicles. For specific vehicle compatibility information, pleasesee your local Toyota dealer.

10. How do I get the best voice quality when using BLU Logic?Because the BLU Logic system incorporates a technology to suppress background noise, users should speak in a normalconversational volume.

11. Where can I get more information about BLU Logic?Please visit http://www.blulogicupdate.com for additional information or visit your local Toyota dealer.FEATURES

12. What hands-free features are enabled through Bluetooth wireless technology?Bluetooth technology is available on select DVD navigation system-equipped vehicles. This allows for hands-free cellphone use with certain handsets. Once the handset is paired to the vehicle (up to four different phones can be pairedwith one vehicle) and the handset information has been transferred (phone book and speed-dial numbers) into the DVDnavigation system, the customer typically can enjoy the following hands-free benefits:Hands-free mobile phone operation with a built-in microphone and utilization of the audio speakers.Answering incoming calls with one touch of the steering-wheel control or the navigation screen.Automatic audio mute when receiving or making a call.Dialing a number by using the touch pad on the navigation screen.One-touch dialing on the navigation screen for speed-dial numbers (17).Making a call from the phone book (1000 numbers).Making a return call from the outgoing call log or the incoming call log (five most recent calls).One-touch dial to points of interest on the navigation screen.

13. How do I continue a Bluetooth call after I leave the vehicle?The instructions for this procedure are included in the Installation Quick Reference Guide for each Bluetooth handset.Please select the instructions that correspond to your Bluetooth phone.

14. How can a customer sign up for mobile phone service?Toyota has provided a mobile-phone section within the LetsTalk Web site at toyota.letstalk.com for customers tocomplete all the following steps with a minimum amount of time and effort:Choose a handset.Choose a service provider.Go through the purchase procedure on the site, and LetsTalk can activate the handset and have it deliveredwithin two days.

15. What if customers have questions about the right calling plan to choose, or the right handset tochoose? What if they want to switch calling plans?By utilizing the LetsTalk Web site, dealers and customers can access the following:Information about all calling plans, including pricing and information about number of minutes available.Information about available handsets, including key technical information.

16. How many phones can be paired to the Toyota Bluetooth system?Navigation-based systems can pair with four to six mobile phones depending on the vehicle. Bluetooth-enabled audiobasedsystems can pair with six cell phones.

17. If the systems can pair with multiple phones (four with navigation, six with audio), how will thesystems determine which paired phones will be activated?A system will search for the most recently used phone. If this phone is not in the vehicle (or turned on), the Bluetoothsystem will not be active. To activate Bluetooth a new phone can be paired, or an already paired phone can be selectedfor the Bluetooth system memory.

18. Can I transfer numbers from my Bluetooth phone to the vehicle?Some phone and service-provider combinations allow you to download your phone book directly into the ToyotaBluetooth system. Others are more restrictive.

19. How can I activate my Bluetooth handset in my vehicle?Different phone and service-provider combinations follow different protocols for pairing a Bluetooth phone to a hands-freedevice. Please refer to your phone's owner's manual for pairing instructions.

20. Which handsets can I utilize?Bluetooth handsets can vary in quality and contain different Bluetooth chip programming. Therefore, not all Bluetoothhandsets will operate at the same level. In order to account for this, Toyota is evaluating Bluetooth handsets and willidentify those that work best with our system.

21. Can a customer buy any Bluetooth handset retail and have it work with/transfer to our system?Because Bluetooth has a universal standard developed by a consortium of interested companies, almost all Bluetoothhandsets should have some functionality in our vehicles. However, because of the differences in the quality of thehandsets and Bluetooth chip programming, not all Bluetooth handsets will have the same level of performance wheninterfacing with the Bluetooth chips in our vehicles. That is why Toyota is evaluating Bluetooth handsets to help ensurequality operation.

22. Where can I find instructions on pairing the handset to the DVD navigation system?These instructions are located on the LetsTalk Web site for Toyota at toyota.letstalk.com

23. What is the warranty on Bluetooth handsets?Handsets are sold separately and typically have a one-year warranty through the manufacturer. Consumers should checkwith the handset manufacturer for details about the warranty.

24. Where is the best place to find information about Bluetooth in my Toyota?Please consult toyota.letstalk.com for details on how a specific phone should perform with your Toyota Bluetooth system.Details on how to manage and pair most phones are provided.The Web site includes the following features:To determine if your existing phone will work: Click the "Pair an Existing Phone" button for a complete listing ofBluetooth phones that have been tested by Toyota. For each phone there will be a feature compatibility chartindicating which features typically work within a specified vehicle. Also, each phone has a user guide that showshow the phone is paired and how to transfer phone numbers into the vehicle system.If you want to purchase a new phone: Click the "Select a New Phone" button for a listing of available cell phoneson the market. For each phone there will be a feature compatibility chart indicating which features typically workwithin a specified vehicle. You can also call Toyota Bluetooth Phone Support, provided by LetsTalk, for anyadditional questions or support: 1-866-825-5460.

25. Is there a phone number I can call instead of utilizing the Web site?Yes, the phone number is listed on the Web site: 1-866-825-5460.WIRELESS NUMBER PORTABILITY

26. What does Wireless Local Number Portability (WLNP) mean?This is a new government-mandated process that requires all wireless service providers to allow customers to maintaintheir current wireless phone numbers when they change service providers.

27. How does a customer take advantage of WLNP?Customers and dealers should be aware of the following when trying to keep an existing phone number:Know the details. Your new carrier will need to know information about your existing account. So forconvenience, bring a bill from your existing carrier to your new one. If you don't have a copy of your bill, knowthe exact details of your account, including name (for example, is it billed to "Bill" or "William" Smith), address,account number and phone number.Leave some time. The process can take a few minutes or a few hours. It could take even longer for your phoneto be fully functional (such as being able to receive incoming calls).Timing counts. Start the process with your new carrier. If you cancel your current service with your existingcarrier, you may end up losing your number.Are you a free agent? You may be under contract with your existing carrier, who may charge you an earlyterminationfee if you cancel your existing service while still under contract.Start from scratch. You may need a new phone when you switch carriers, even if you are keeping your number.Familiarize yourself with your new carrier's rate plans, coverage area and features, too, because you'll need tochoose a new plan.Your consent is needed. Your new wireless carrier will need your authorization to move your wireless numberfrom your old carrier. This protects you from carriers switching your number without your permission.

28. Will my wireless local number work if I move across the country?The "L" in WLNP, "Local" means that when you switch carriers you will be able to keep your number within the samemetro area, but you may not be able to keep it if you move outside that metro area.DISCLAIMERS[1] The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of suchmarks by Toyota is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners. The phoneson toyota.letstalk.com have been tested for Bluetooth® wireless technology compatibility with Toyota vehicles.Performance will vary based on phone software version, coverage and your wireless carrier. Phones are warranted bytheir manufacturer, not Toyota.[2] The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of suchmarks by Toyota is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners. The phoneson this site claim to support Bluetooth® wireless technology audio streaming. Toyota does not endorse a particular phoneor substantiate the Bluetooth® wireless technology audio streaming capability of the phones listed.