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Mercedes Navigation Radio Display CD DVD Changer Repair
Alpine / Becker / Bosch / Blaupunkt / Siemens 

We Repair All Models of Mercedes Navigation, Radio,  CD Changers, Display

If you do not see the model of your unit here please call 




Mercedes C250 C280 C300 Navigation Display Repair

Mercedes C class Navigation Display,
CD Player, AM/FM Radio 
C250 C280 C300 C350

Common Problems: Display Dark or Dim,
won't accept disc, Navigation Error,
No Sound,  

Repair Cost: $350. to $550.

Extra repair cost if PC Board or complete
drive need to be replaced


Mercedes S550 Command unit 2007 to 2010

How to troubleshoot Sound System, Command,
Navigation, Fiber Optic lines in Mercedes S550.


               Command Unit with Hard Drive 
                                          S550 CL550 CL55 
                                                 2007 to 2009 

Common Problems: CD Changer does not load nor accept disc,
won't play muisc CD, shows error message, radio won't play,
won't show naviagtion map, keeps rebooting, no power yup.

                                      Repair CD Changer: $550.00 
                           Other Repair Cost : $550.00  to  $1100.00

              Removal & Installation Video Guide


2004~2006 W220 S CLASS
2004 ~2006 W215 CL CLASS 



          Mercedes Navigation Command
            S500  S550  Cl500  CL550  CL55
                            2004 to 2006 


                         Repair cost: $550.00 to $950.00

Extra Repair cost if complete
PC Board or Drive unit needs 
to be replaced.


                                         Shipping Instruction

05 Mercedes Navigation e350

          How to troubleshoot
Sound System / Navigation in E Class.

   Mercedes Navigation  CD Changer
  E350, E500
 2002 to 2008 
Repair Cost: $350. to $650.



If the command does not work and shows
on the screen" System not available " ,
the problem is not the command unit.
Problem could be caused by any equipment
on the fiber optic lines such as Amplifier,
CD Changer, Voice Module, Audio Gateway
or Sattelite Radio. 


Mercedes Navigation Command
  SL500, SL550, SL55
2004 to 2006 

Common Problems: No power up, shows error message at start,
won't accept disc, no sound, intermittently shuts down, spots on display.  

CD not playing, No eject, No Load
Repair Cost $425.00 

LCD Screen has lines, spots or dim
Repair Cost: $475.00 

Font Panel does not respond, No Functions,
Intermittent no power up, Freeze up while driving

Repair Cost $550.00 to $950.00 

Extra Repair cost if complete
PC Board or Drive unit needs
to be replaced.




A209 820 78 89



                 Mercedes Navigation Command
CLK500 CLK350
                                            2004 2005  2006


                                     Repair Cost: $250. to 550.


common Problems: Joystick malfunction, Blank Display or shows lines, Navigation shows error message, does not eject disc, has audio but no function, intermittent loose audio.


7612001464    A2088203889
7612001408    A2108204989
7612001473    A2088203589
7612001472    A2108205289
7612001513    A2088204189
7612001512    A2108205589


Mercedes Navigation Radio CD 
                                E430 E320 ML 320 ML350                                                                      Blaupunkt Bosch

                                                              2000 to 2001

Common Problems: Navigation unit will not read NAV CD, will not eject or load intermittently or not at all, shows error message, FM fades out, screen becomes dark, Volume control does not change audio level.

FM reception fades out. blank screen. 
                    Repair Cost $200. to 385.


                                 Shipping Instruction  







Mercedes Navigation Command unit
S500  S430  S600  Cl500  CL600

2000  2001  2002

Common Problems:
CD Stuck inside, won't eject, Looses FM reception,
Black Display, won't open, no audio


Repair cost: $200. to $385.00

 Shipping Instruction



Mercedes ML350 Navigation

Mercedes Navigation Radio CD Player
ML320 ML350 ML500

2005 2006 2007 2008 

Repair Cost: $250. to $550.

Removal & Installation Video Guide


ML320 ML350 ML430
ML500 ML55

2002 2003 2004 
Radio With or Without Navigation 


Navigation unit will not read NAV CD, will not eject
or load intermittently or not at all, shows error


                           Repair Cost $200. to 375.


Becker Car Stereo BOSE SYSTEM with separate tuner box located in trunk

Common Problems:
Hiss, snap, crackle, pop from speakers,


does not load tape, no FF, REW   


                             Repair Cost $185. to $350.

Mercedes 190E 2.3 / Alpine

Hiss, snap, crackle, pop from speakers, no back light or partially missing for display, does not load tape

       Repair Cost $145.

Mercedes Car Audio 

Intermittent or no audio does not load tape 

      Repair Cost $145.


Stereo is dead, will not power up, does not load tape
Display gets dim, 

      Repair Cost $185.


Car Stereo does not recognize CD changer, Volume goes up by itself, no audio, intermittent FM Receptions,

      Repair Cost $185.


Speakers have loud pop with on/off, snapping and popping of speakers, no output, one side speaker/s out, Volume Control problem, Display shows half, One sider dimmer than the other side.

      Repair Cost $145.





Volume control works erratically, loose or broken buttons, no load tape, no FF REW 

      Repair Cost $145.

MBZ W-140, C-140/BOSE '92+

Mercedes Bose Amplifier

Right or left channelf out or intermittent, speakers snap, crackle, pop, sizzle, have high pitch squeal, sound distorted, low or no output. This is a 7 channel amplifier, 11 speaker system. All of the 7 channels need to get rebuilt at the same time since capacitors leaks out due to aging.   

        Repair Cost$200. to $385.

Mercedes BOSE Amplifier

R124 - 4 Channel amplifier
R129 - 4 Channel amplifier
R170 - 4 Channel amplifier
C208 - 6 Channel amplifier
W202 - 6 Channel amplifier

No output from all or some speakers, static or hiss from one or more speakers

      Repair cost $200. to $375.00

'99-03 Mercedes  Alpine Fiber Optic CD Changer

CD changer, shows no magazine, no cd, error, audio is intermittent, Magazine does not eject, Radio does not recognize changer but changer has power all the time.

     Repair Cost $195.   

NOTE: Please send cartridge with unit

'96-98 Mercedes / Alpine CD Changer (Non-Fiber Optic)

CD changer, shows no magazine, no cd, error, audio is intermittent, Magazine does not eject, Radio does not recognise changer.

      Repair Cost $185.

NOTE: Please send cartridge with unit